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I read it all and Im still confused.

do…you have even a vague idea of wtf is up w/ jack?

i am too freaking tired due to last night’s shenanigans + first day of the red sea coming into the harbor, so i’m not gonna catch up on that shizz tonight

but i gotta know

is he like legit LE or like

wat going on

need know


athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: Team Fortress 2

this is actually on the list of ‘fandoms where emp doesn’t ship anyone romantically’ (not the one from earlier that fills me with lots rage tho) however, it has the most brotps of any of my fandoms (even more than the intermission fandom…which is pretty brolicious on my part). so, yeah, just so that i don’t have to keep saying friend’shipping’: all my ships here are them broing, not boinking.

  • M/F OTP: N/A…though i’ve always wanted to see pyro/fem!anybody
  • F/F OTP: *snorts with laughter and flies into the sun*
  • Favorite Canon: Pyro/Rainblower tur otp 4 lyfe
  • Favorite Crack: i really don’t have a crack for tf2.
  • Pairing I Hate: i really don’t like any of the romantic ships, but there aren’t really any that i flat out hate or harbor any seething hatred for.
athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: Is it too late for top fives? How about top five articles of clothing?

I got none until now, so it’s definitely not too late!

1.) My cloud pajamas.
2.) This pair of jeans I got while thrifting. They have a skull on one of the back pockets and they are comfy as fuck.
3.) My Nintendo “Just one more level…” shirt.
4.) My red plaid jacket.
5.) This blue and white pair of panties I own with a star print all over them.

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: AW YEE GAMES! 21 and 22!


21: Are there any games you love that no one else seems to?
A BOY AND HIS BLOB. (For the Wii…not the NES one. Though that one is a case of ‘so bad it’s good’) Pretty much most good 3rd party games for the Wii end up in the ‘games you love that no one else seems to’ for their fans because of poor sales which have to do with the stigma associated with 3rd party Wii games. Which is a shame, because god, ABaHB is fucking amazing. And not just because I looked at it’s antagonist and though ‘I might have to re-think how homo i actually am.’ I guess ABaHB actually suffers from ‘no one has heard of it’ rather than ‘no one loves it’ (got scores ranging from 7/10-9/10 from most critics) but w/e close enough lol.

22: Are there any games you hate that everyone else loves?
Okay, not everyone ~loves~, but the critics gave it 7’s and 8’s and if rating it were up to me, I would have marked it far, far lower.

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: What is your quest? What is your favorite color? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Quest? Um…to find the Holy Grail publish my shitty novels and hopefully make enough money to eat and keep a roof over my head.

Color would be blue~

And the last one, is it a African or European swallow? >:]

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: What do Itchy and Doze do on their days off? Or any other OTP, I'm not particular.

durr, sorry this is late! I got super sick last night and had to ollie outie unexpectedly. (and then i didn’t wake up until now orz)

Anyway, they do a lot of shopping or bumming around town. Itchy isn’t really a fan of shopping, but he is a fan of being around Doze as well as just getting up and doing stuff (literally anything…he’s the sort of person who will do anything to keep from sitting still) so they’ll just go walk around and talk. (With Doze occasionally entering a shop to buy something, or at least take a closer look at it.)

In the spring and summer they often go to the park together because Doze likes to feed the pigeons and Itchy likes to fly kites.

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aaaw gees, thank you. >////<

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(oops, sorry this took so long! sickperor is still sick orz)

♔ - Top 5 favorite movies
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, Schindler’s List, The Pianist, AvP, All Dogs Go to Heaven

☮ - Top 5 favorite TV shows?
Um, but lemme think back to when I *did* watch TV: Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Thundercats, My Little Pony, and Beetlejuice.

(hfjdshfdsf fuggin all retro stuff oh my god i’m the worst)

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nah could have been either, i’m guessing. :’D /sent mine un-anon to the person i reblogged it from lol

aaa and thank you! *hugs*

athena7days replied to your post: ever play a new videogame and find that wow you…

can i laugh with you?

this is late but yes. yes you may.

because i was laughing really hard when i just charged into battle thinking i’d kick fuggin ass, but then got my ass handed to me by a bunch of lame, low-level grunts

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: What are/were some of your most favorite fandoms, besides the Intermission?

My very first fandom was the Alien vs Predator fandom, and I sometimes still go back to it for fanart and nostalgia’s sake. I’m not eyeballs-deep in my Predator love anymore, but it’s that one fandom I’ve never entirely left. (Possibly because it was my first, or possibly because I just really like it…probably some of both.)

I was also SUPER into Halo, but I’m not involved with the fandom at all anymore. (I did make a very terrible fanfic that was as long as it was bad…and it was my first serious attempt at writing, so it was basically a massive brick of hilarity and fail belched out by my 12/13 year-old mind.)

Was also into the Hellsing, Digimon, Pokemon, Brigadoon, Bolos, and Space Goofs fandoms for a bit, but not as intensely as the above mentioned things.

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: Gold :)

Gold: Share a story that makes you smile.: Okay, so I have this cat. Her name is Blue (she’s named after me, actually, as one of my high school pals nicknamed me ‘Blu’), and she was given to me as a coming home gift after I came back from a student ambassador trip in Australia. After a few months of having her, she one day got outside, and, unfortunately, had an encounter with our tenant’s daughter and friends. (The tenant rocks and loves cats, but, to make a long story short, she kicked her daughter out for a good reason. =/)

Blue ended up missing most of her teeth and had a fractured spine. Plus, as a result of the fracture, she could no longer use her back legs. The vet was unsure if she could recover and advised putting her down. However, they also said there was a slim chance she could recover because her spine was damaged, but not severed all the way.

We decided to give her a chance. Every morning before school, I’d wake up to exercise her legs, feed her, clean her up, and give her her medication. For a while there was no change and I was terrified, but then one day she twitched her tail and wiggled her toes. And, then days and weeks later, she could scrunch her legs up on her own or stretch them out. Then, finally, one day she got up and walked.

Even if it looked rather silly and she fell down after a few steps, seeing her get up and actually walk was the best thing ever, and I smiled and cried all at once because I knew she was going to get better. And she did.

She still walks a little funny now and has some difficulties moving her facial muscles, but for the most part, Blue is very sound and loves to run around my house like a crazy kitty and plays with my other cats. And with me she’s pretty much best friends, and it’s great, even if she doesn’t exactly know when to leave me alone. I think it should all be really obvious as to why looking back on this makes me smile, but, yeah, basically I’m glad I was able to help her recover and gave her the chance she needed. c:

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: Felt kissing headcanons go!

Seeing that little red one PLEASED ME GREATLY.

I don’t have kissing headcanons for all fifteen of them, so, yeah, only gonna discuss the ones I actually have headcanons for.

Itchy — It depends on what/where he’s kissing. On the mouth, he’s really bad. If he’s allowed to lead, he’s overly eager, a little too rough, and he sometimes has the awful habit of sort of devouring the lips of the other party. If he’s not kissing someone on the mouth, however, he he tends to be much lighter if not somewhat sweet. (ie: he kisses Doze on the neck, cheek, and stomach a lot and is always pretty nice about it.)

Doze — He actually knows what the heck he’s doing and is the polar opposite of Itchy (light, slow, and you also don’t have to worry about him slobbering on your lips.) It’s also worth mentioning he has rather fullish, pouty lips that are rather soft.

Clover — Pretty much only pecks people on the mouth, cheek, etc. He feels somewhat uncomfortable doing any more than that.

Die — He’d rather not kiss someone on the mouth (saliva squicks him out), but, if he does, tongues are never involved and it tends to be very awkward and rushed. If he ever had to kiss someone, he’d rather just peck them on the cheek.

Crowbar — Violent as shit. He kisses very hard and has a tendency to bite/purposefully nick the others lips with his teeth, often drawing blood.

Snowman — Like a mix between Doze and Crowbar. It all depends on who she’s kissing. If she’s kissing someone like Slick, she’s rough like Crowbar, but, if it’s someone she has positive romantic feelings for, she’s very careful and sensual like Doze.

Sawbuck — Restrained, but sensual. He’s very considerate regarding any romantic encounters, and tends to put the needs of the other person before his own. By default, he’s careful and slow, but if the other person insists, he’s willing to ‘adjust his kissing style’ so-to-speak. Essentially, he’s pretty good.

Quarters — He’s really bad in pretty much every aspect, mainly because of the shape of his mouth. He’s always accidentally biting the other person, or sticking his tongue in too far, or going too fast (or sometimes too slow). Basically he is the embodiment of awkward bad kissing and he’s completely unaware of this.

athenaeloha-deactivated20130315 sent: Doze <3 Itchy for the domestic meme?

Whoops, Peepz beat you to it. :’D

Here’s the link to that ask though if you want to read it and didn’t already see it. c: